Winter Swimming World Championships 2020

Winter Swimming World Championships 2020


After successfully finishing work on the Winter Swimming World Championships 2018, we were approached by the International Winter Swimming Association in order to create visual identity for the next championships to be held in Bled, Slovenia, in 2020.

Creating the logo, we decided to focus on 4 main aspects – location, water, winter and swimming. This decision led to creation of the logo that you see before your eyes.

In the middle of the composition, we see the¬†Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria, located on an island in the middle of Lake Bled (future water area for the championships). The island is rising from the wave, representing water in the composition. And finally, a swimmer rising from the water illustrates swimming (obvious, isn’t it?) and a circle with a light-grey to white gradient represents winter. The reason why we choose a circle for a snowflake is it’s resemblance to the unlock button on a typical phone screen, to pair with the slogan “Unlock Slovenia”.

This logo didn’t make the cut, but we decided to showcase it as a concept (we really love this logo).

Aleksandr Andrjunas