Hologram Payments

Hologram Payments


Hologram Payments – a startup based in Latvia, aimed at providing online payment services.

The task for our team was to create a style around the name, which would represent the startup as “serious, yet colourful”. The visual identity you are looking at now is the result of our creative thinking.

The idea behind the name comes from the usage of holographic labels for security. Such a label is considered to be hard to forge, due to it being created from a master holographic label.

After doing the research, we noticed that holographic labels reflect multiple bright colours, and we decided to go with a blue/pink color gradient as the main colour element for the brand. The bold “h” used in the design represents strength and security in the composition. The sum of these two elements created the logo that you see before you.

Every other element was just a touch of magic to the central idea.

Aleksandr Andrjunas